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According to the CDC, people are advised to upgrade to the most appropriate protective mask they can wear, and ideally to wear them all the way. Medical surgical masks and N95 masks are widely recommended.

N95 masks provide a tighter seal around the face of the wearers and are capable of providing up to 95% protection against airborne particles. However, there are many counterfeit N95 masks, so customers should compare and check the authenticity of these masks when buying them online.
If you're wondering where to buy N95 masks - we're here to help. We offer links to online retailers selling N95 masks, be sure to check out our guide.

A list of online stores that provide authentic N95 respirators is showed below. 

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Those with heart or lung problems, people with ailments such as asthma, and older folks are at a higher risk for developing difficulties due to air pollution's particle matter. We will additionally offer security pointers for staying clear of taking a breath in germs when utilizing any one of these sorts of masks. Honeywell HoneyWell df300 N95 CDC stay away from environments that are moist or humid if you plan on using your mask. How Much Does N95 Mask Fit Testing Cost? Second, find out if a neutral third party has evaluated the KN95 mask.